From best to next III documentations from the symposium

Lundén, M (2015) From best to next III documentations from the symposium. From best to next practis III.

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    The Energy Academy looks forward to meeting with our Commonities, our solid networks and strong partners. The purpose of this symposium is to harmonize and tell the good stories. You can take part in discovering whether the Energy Academy, Samsø, Denmark, the world and yourself are on the right track. The Energy Academy wishes to create an informal room, a gathering of about 40 individuals, in which we will consciously put away our phones, our project portfolios and deadlines for a while. This is why we will be meeting on Samsø! We are in for some great days, which will be moderated by someone special. The conference will be held in English and there is a great demand for the spaces - first come; first served. Have we not met yet, but you are eager to join? Get in touch with us!

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