Larsen, G (2014) Reflektions. Reflections on the 2014 SOL Global Forum.

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On May 21–23, 2014, 450 participants from around the world gathered in Paris, France, to take part in the SoL Global Forum: “Investing in Emerging Futures: New Players, New Games—Welcoming Metamorphosis.” Organized by SoL France, the event invited change leaders and organizational leaders to explore an urgent question together: “How can we facilitate and accelerate the metamorphosis of our organizations, firms, and society?” In this two-part article, Gitte Larsen, a newcomer to the Global SoL community, and Vicky Schubert, a long-time SoL contributor, share highlights from—and personal reflections on—the event. Their insightful commentary paints a picture of a community of people who are making the internal shifts necessary to lead profound changes in all those external systems that connect us.

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Creators: Larsen, G
Projects: Reflektion, Social Aktion Learning, Metamorphosis
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